How to Play Free Poker for Fun?

Poker is a casino game and people can enjoy this activity whether in land based casinos or online. Many individuals prefer to play free poker for fun in order not to spend their cash. The invention of internet enabled gamblers to relish the online poker for fun. During playing poker if two or more gamblers have the same good hands at the showdown, they will share the pot equally. There are a lot of poker etiquette rules which are usually applied in most games. One of the most common etiquette rules is that the winner should not ask the loser to expose his hand as many people who usually lose at poker prefer to discard or muck their cards without showing them to other bettors.

Seven card stud is a variant of poker and nowadays it is more popular than the five card stud. Razz is yet another version of the seven card stud game and in which the gambler who has the lowest hand will win the pot. Besides there is the Omaha poker in which gamblers must use two hole cards and three community cards to make the winning five card hand. Many gamblers prefer to play several variants of poker in the same session, and in this case the dealer decides before the bets are made which poker game will be played next, that is why such games are usually called dealer’s choice games. Bettors in general should not show their face down cards to any opponent, besides they should not announce what their next action will be before it is their turn to play.